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Hursh Builders LLC is a small to medium sized Christian Company providing services to Ephrata, Lititz, Manheim, Akron, Denver and surrounding areas. We have been in business since 1990 and our professional team continues to provide unparalled services to our customers. Please visit our testimonials page to hear more about our quality work.

Home Remodeling Company | Ephrata

A successful home remodeling company always has an organized plan before they begin construction, and at Hursh we approach each project with precision. We closely work with clients to understand their exact needs, and we create a plan of action based on those needs. And a project is never complete until it meets both the high standards of our clients and the professional team at Hursh Builders.

Hursh Builders:

  • You will see our attention to detail in every cut and every corner
  • We strive to form a partnership with our customers rather than a mere business relationship
  • As partners, we closely work with customers to make sure each step of the building process is going according to plan
  • Our professional team is well organized and well trained, making for a smooth and stress free project

Custom Home Contractor | Ephrata

Hursh is a custom home contractor and remodeling company serving Ephrata and surrounding areas. Please contact our professional team to schedule a consultation.

Remodeling Contractor | Ephrata

Ephrata, Lititz, Manheim, Akron, Denver